Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sounding the alarm on cell phones

We've heard the warning before, but now it's an official alert. Cell phone use may cause cancer. That's the world from the World Health Organization.

According to a group of 31 scientists from 14 countries, there is not enough long-term data to link cancer and cell phone use directly. However, officials believe there is enough information to issue an alert.

With this latest announcement, WHO now groups cell phones in the same hazard category as chloroform, lead, and engine exhaust.

The report comes as a proposed class action lawsuit against 19 defendants, mostly cellphone manufacturers and telecommunications companies, has landed at the Supreme Court. The defendants -- which include Nokia, AT&T and Samsung -- are accused of misrepresenting that their cellphones are safe, when they in fact knew of potential dangers.

Source: Reuters

Update: Still wondering about the basis of the alert? Listen to this NPR interview.


Mad Sam ("The brown eyed, handsome man"!) said...

I have never gave in to putting anything next to my brain that hums, buzzes clicks or has a Lithium-Ion battery for a power supply. Common sense has always told me that it just might do me harm. Then, I did grow up in broadcasting and am aware of Micro-waves and RF waves, and the differences between the two. Having them next to my brain is not something I would ever elect to do.

Deb Sistrunk said...

Mad Sam: It's been a while! Thanks for weighing in on this topic. I am glad that hands-free devices provide us with safe options.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the rude morons that are glued to them, I sometimes wish that were true. At least I would if I were a genuine curmudgeon.