Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The world of headsets

When I began my academic and professional career simultaneously, I had no idea how much technology would impact my life. Without technology, radio and television news would not exist. In radio, headsets were just as important as my voice.

Today we use such equipment for business and leisure. Plantronics headsets offer a myriad of products to address communications solutions: computer headsets, office and call center headsets, mobile devices, residential headsets, and even equipment for aviation use.

When it comes to technology savvy, my kids go to the top of the class. They're young adults now. Both have toiled in call centers while connected to headsets, a computer and a desk. Both of my children also relax playing computer games. They're old pros when it comes to using headsets to augment their gaming experience. I'm not a true gamer, but I do enjoy the freedom wireless headsets give me at home, where I'm often multitasking.

When I ran a communications department for a major nonprofit, I required all staff to use headsets. For each of us, the standard work day included heavy telephone work and lots of writing. When all staff members began using headsets, we saw significant increase in productivity.

Many of us today rely on Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth represents another opportunity for an invaluable hands-free experience.

If you use any type of headset on a daily basis, you're going to need accessories. Plantronics accessories fit the bill. Check out HeadsetHome.com for details.

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