Monday, May 09, 2011

A 'thang' for Scrabble

I can almost hear the collective sigh of language purists. Words like "thang," "grrl," and "innit" (short for isn't it) are among the the new additions to the Scrabble dictionary. So are "blingy" (used to describe flashy jewelry) and "Facebook." The brains behind the board game have added some 3,000 new words to the Collins Official Scrabble Words book, long considered the last word for word game fanatics, this writer included.

Some non-English words are also in the mix. I can now add "qin" to my vocabulary. For those of us who break out in a sweat when we find ourselves with a "Q" without the "U," "qin" is a bonus. A qin, by the way, is a Chinese musical instrument.

Some tricky words also made the list, among them "inbox," "heatwave," and "airgun." For those of you who have been dying to use terms related to Indian cookery, you may now score points with "keema", "alu" or "aloo," and "gobi."

(Via Globe and Mail)

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