Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AC, the key to summer survival

In my travels to and from California, I've had many stopovers in Phoenix. I've never truly experienced the city, however, because my layovers are usually pretty short. But I'll never forget the time I did stay overnight in Phoenix.

My flight arrived several hours late -- about 11 p.m. on an August night. When I stepped outside to search for the shuttle, I was greeted with an incredible blast of heat. It was if I were in a furnace!

As if on cue, my husband, who was traveling with me, started talking about Phoenix air conditioning installation. Before we got married, he lived in Phoenix and Scottsdale and experienced the Arizona heat firsthand. He told me that people who live in the area typically run their air conditioners 365 days a year. I can understand why!

I have only had a brief encounter with that kind of blistering heat, but it was enough for me. I feel sorry for the hardworking people who toil all day and return home in the evening, expecting to relax and cool off. Instead, they come home to searing heat because the air conditioner went kaput. Suddenly, they find themselves in need of Phoenix AC repair. In my book, that situation rates right up there with other emergencies.

Surviving heat in the Arizona desert. That could be the makings of a reality TV show!

My guess is that when it comes to air conditioning repair Phoenix Arizona, good repair crews will make an effort to shorten waiting times. If you live in Phoenix (or anywhere where brutal heat is the norm), it pays to get your AC serviced before summer arrives.

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