Sunday, November 01, 2009

DVRs, the perfect companion to satellite TV

I'm at a stage in my life when I can do more traveling, and I love it. While I'm no slave to TV, I do have a few favorite shows that I follow.

The digital video recorder that comes with my Direct TV is perfect for someone with my schedule. If I'm out of town or just away for a few hours, I still can keep up with "Monk," "Law and Order," and a couple of other favorites. With the push of a button, I can record two shows at the same time.

The DVR offered by DirectTV also allows me to pause and rewind live TV. That's a nifty feature for someone for this multi-tasker. When I'm watching "Monk", the beloved obsessive compulsive detective, I always vow to give my total attention to the episode. But, of course, something or someone always interrupts. Since I'm trying to solve the crime along with Monk, I don't want to miss any clues. I simply rewind the show to catch up.

When I want to get away from detectives, Direct Satellite TV gives me plenty of alternative programming from which to choose. "Mad Men" is a fantastic diversion. Thanks to my trusty DVR, I never miss a show.

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