Thursday, April 17, 2014

Translation agencies offer clarity in global trade

When presented with the opportunity to live in South Korea nearly three years ago, I thought long and hard before I made the decision to go. I never regretted my decision, but I remember being a tad bit nervous about the language barrier I would inevitably encounter because I'm not fluent in Korean.

As a "resident alien," I realized quickly that oral and written communication was not going to be easy. To get anything done, such as completing immigration paperwork and conducting any business transactions, I found that I needed translation services.

Many global companies, big and not-so-big, conduct business in South Korea. Korean businesses return the favor. Robust trading between the two countries has been flourishing for decades. Major U.S. corporations maintain a strong presence in Seoul.

Anyone doing business globally is going to need document translation. That firm would need someone to translate a variety of official documents, such as:
  • academic qualifications, including diplomas and certifications
  • resumes and CVs
  • contracts and other legal documents 
In addition, such documentation might require certificates of authenticity and / or notary services.

If you’re in an industry that uses specialized terms – such as engineering, healthcare, or financial services – it will also be important that your translator is fluent in the language of your business. For any translation agency equipped to meet a variety of language needs, I can guarantee that business will be brisk.  For any global corporation, clarity is priceless.

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