Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is the end near for Google+?

What's going on with Google+?  It seems to have lost momentum big-time. 

A new report by Chitika, the data analytics company, suggests that Google+ traffic has dropped dramatically.  Amid a huge amount of publicity last month, Google+ entered public beta with a striking interface, the rapid release of new features, and strong focus on user interaction.  Yet, according to Chitika, traffic on Google's new social network fell 60%.

Google+ started strong.  An Internet marketing research company, comScore, reported in July that Google's new social product attracted some 20 million visitors during its first month.  Unofficial reports now estimate the number of Google+ users at 43 million.  However, the growth spurt went kaput.  Google+ users seem to have lost interest.  Even on my stream, there's not much happening, incoming or outgoing.

Granted, the once-blazing program is only a few months old.  Was there too much hype too early?  Should we stamp "FAIL" on Google+ or simply give it more time?

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