Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How live-chat software benefits business

The Internet has made it easier to do business around the clock. But the old rules of business still apply. For many people, exemplary customer service can only happen when they connect with a live person. Providing good live-chat experiences pays off in increased sales and ROI (return on investment).
Smart sales executives understand that in order for their businesses to remain competitive, they must have a strong online presence. Savvy managers seeking to boost their bottom lines use software to live-chat with customers. Live support software enhances traditional customer engagement. online chat software will not only field questions from prospective students. It is important, however, to understand that all live-chat software is not alike.

Look for a product specially designed for your business. At the very minimum, your live chat software should:

  1. allow you to see who is on your website
  2. monitor prospective customer behavior and provide assistance in real time
  3. increase online sales
  4. enhance your marketing campaigns
  5. reduce operational costs
  6. be user friendly

Many organizations in the private and public sectors understand the importance of engaging clients online. Among those industries:

  • health care
  • travel
  • real estate
  • financial services
  • insurance
  • web hosting

Even universities are utilizing live chat in the recruitment of students. The Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) uses live chat to engage prospective MBA students. According to the Wharton website:

Chats are hosted bi-weekly at 6:00 PM (18:00h), Eastern Standard Time (EST) or "Philly Time," every Wednesday during the school year. Chats give you the chance to interact with current students, and fellow applicants.

The webpage also includes a schedule of upcoming chats.

Is your organization looking for ways to boost customer loyalty? Live chat can help you improve in this area and enhance your credibility.

Good live chat software also helps visitors to your site find what they need before they get frustrated and leave your site. An effective program will also allow you to integrate live chat, voice, email, and self-service FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Bridge the gap between your site and visitors. Live chat allows your agents get instant insight into your customers' concerns. Look for software that helps you to create a ticket management system for customer inquiries -- one that allow you to log, route, track, and resolve these concerns.

Incorporate Google Analytics into your live chat. Measure the ROI of your online marketing and sales initiatives. With systematic, results-proven approach, you'll increase your chances of increasing sales. Armed with several strong components, you'll be able to establish a full-service, multilevel contact center.

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