Monday, February 01, 2010

The art of web hosting

The economy is forcing businesses to get more innovative when it comes to their web presence. Nearly all organizations are trying to survive the recession on smaller budgets. However, smart executives understand that e-commerce remains a strong force.

A well-executed website can be a valuable marketing tool. Web development involves several key elements. One of the most important is web hosting.

Web hosting is an art, so look for a provider that best fits your needs. Pick a company that has a good reputation within the industry.

Two typical options available are shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. With shared web hosting, a number of websites are on one server. Typically, the cost is just a few dollars a month. Dedicated hosting, meanwhile, means one website on one server. The client can enjoy a number of features, including visitor trackers, a single I.P. address, and extra bandwidth.

If you feel unprepared to make online decisions, relax. Web Hosting Rating can help. Their site has been offering reviews, ratings, and awards about providers for several years. Ratings are based on several criteria, including customer satisfaction. Free articles are available to assist novices and veterans alike who are seeking IT solutions.

On the site, you’ll find an important list -- the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers -- Best Web Hosts for 2009. I’m checking out one provider in particular because it offers a number of goodies, is inexpensive, and targets itself to the needs of small businesses.

If you’re publishing your blog on WordPress, consider WordPress hosting. It’s become a popular option for many bloggers, who like having access to a web-based administrative panel. Because WordPress is a sought-after platform, it has plenty of community support from web developers.

Looking for a powerful website creation tool that also enhances your content management system (CMS)? Check out Drupal web hosting. This system that works for different types of websites, including personal blogs.

Do your homework before deciding on a web host. Find out how companies like yours rate providers on affordability, reliability, uptime, and technical support.

When it comes to web hosting, you don’t have to agonize over your decisions. Help is just a few mouse clicks away.

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