Thursday, December 10, 2009

The rise in on-demand workforce training

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For as long as I can remember, I wanted to work in communications. As life would have it, my career began in radio and TV news when I was 18. Later, I use those skills in marketing, public relations, and publications.

I’m a big proponent of Elearning, career education, and lifelong learning. When I recently visited, I was impressed with the opportunities it presented to those of us who are always looking for ways to add to our skill portfolio. is at the forefront of workforce development.

I decided to test-drive the site, so I registered for a free account. Then I decided to do a little role-playing, pretending to be someone seeking an entry-level position in public relations. PR involves a great deal of telephone work, so it pays to know how to work the phones effectively.

I took a short course entitled “How to Leave Phone Messages that Get Returned.” The course was short but effective, and was packed with useful information for wannabe public relations professionals (or anyone else wishing to work in corporate America).

According to the video, when you place a business phone call, nine times out of ten, you’re going to get voicemail. It’s important, then, to leave a message that carries a punch – one that increases your chances of getting a return phone call. Among the tips shared:

  • Keep the message short, preferably no longer than 30 seconds
  • Give your name, company, and phone number
  • Provide a brief, specific reason for your call
  • Repeat your name, company, and phone number
  • Make sure your voice is energetic, and give the impression that it’s beneficial for the listener to call you back.

These tips may sound elementary, but I know many PR professionals who still have not mastered the art of working the phones to their advantage. They wonder why their phone calls to reporters are not returned. I would recommend the tutorial for anyone wanting to get ahead in the business world.

Visitors to will find a wealth of content areas. I have my eye on an advanced course in Microsoft Excel, which would enhance my work as a consultant.

When it comes to on-demand workforce productivity, is an industry leader. The site has more than 50 million end users around the globe. The company assists individuals by providing a single, integrated platform for those who wish to enhance their skills for a particular job profile. Employers seeking skilled, "job-ready" workers reap the benefits of the training.

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