Sunday, May 24, 2009

Writing tip of the week

Letting too many people comment on the style and substance of a document you have written is a surefire way to slow down progress. It also hampers communication.

The reason is simple. People who review the document feel compelled to change a word, add a phrase or leave some other imprint, even if the copy is well written. Unfortunately, some people equate wordiness with effective writing. Some even insist on imposing out-of-date grammar and writing styles. And let's be honest. Some people simply cannot write.

If you've ever faced this problem, there is a solution: Restrict comments on style to only one or two colleagues who are skilled enough to make such comments. From the others, insist that they read only for substance and accuracy. Always make the case for simple and concise writing, and stick to your guns.


Mobashir Ahmed said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

Good advice, but your advice is always good.

Rose said...

You sure do know people. I always say don't feel as if you have to find something wrong. I'd rathered you not mark up my document for the sake of doing so. Then if they do, I never use them again. I also reject their changes.