Friday, February 27, 2009

Scrubs & Beyond springs into the new season

When you look at scrubs today, you realize just how much things have changed. Go into any hospital or doctor’s office, and you see color, color everywhere.

When my mother was a young woman working in a hospital, scrubs were standard-issue garments. They were strictly uniforms. What Mom would have given to have the opportunity to “look cute” while wearing comfy scrubs during her workday – and to browse through a scrubs catalog.

If you work in health care, you’ll love the wide selection of styles and bright colors at Scrubs & Beyond. The site offers several brand names, ranging from Dickies to Baby Phat. The garments can be quite trendy. The animal print scrubs are particularly eye-catching. Women can look professional and attractive at the same time. There are styles for men and women in broad range of sizes.

If you’re a nurse, check out the nursing clog shoes. They come in fashionable colors to complement your scrubs. They’re also ergonomically constructed keep you comfortable for your entire shift. If you’d prefer more traditional nursing shoes, they’re available, too.

Spring into the new season with apparel from Scrubs & Beyond. You’ll find scrubs, shoes, and other accessories to meet your professional needs. And the prices are easy on your wallet.

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