Saturday, February 28, 2009

Easter, a time for family celebrations

Easter is April 12. My daughter Winnie and I are thinking about how we want to celebrate the holiday this year. Ours won’t be a flashy observance, but it will be colorful. We also want a get-together that both adults and children will enjoy. My teenage daughter is taking the lead on the planning.

Of course, we’re giving some thought to dinner and treats. Decorations are also important, so we're considering various Easter craft ideas.

Interestingly, Winnie, in many ways, is more of a traditionalist than I am. Decorated Easter eggs are must-haves. I can handle the coloring. Winnie, the artist in the family, will put her signature on the eggs with food-coloring markers and mini stencils. She’ll also create unique Easter baskets. One will be a table centerpiece. The others will be gifts to close family members and friends.

For our family, Easter is a religious holiday. I’d like place some of our favorite Bible scriptures on colored cards and place them on the dinner table.

Dinner is likely to consist of two meats – the traditional ham and another meat to be determined. Winnie and I would like to try lamb this year, but I think other family members will be happier with turkey or chicken. We’ll also have plenty of veggies and fresh fruit.

For dessert, I’ll buy cupcakes from my favorite bakery (to save time). I’ll have the younger kids in our family help me decorate them with bunnies and chicks.

With some good planning, we’ll complete much of the work ahead of time so that we can enjoy the holiday with our family. We’ll definitely have some fun activities for the little ones.

If you celebrate Easter, share your plans. No matter how you observe the holiday, I hope you’ll enjoy yours as much as we’ll treasure ours!


Christina said...

You know, we were just speaking of the Easter decorations we wanted to incorporate into the holiday this year. I just received the current pottery barn catalog and although, I don't purchase from them often, they have great ideas to go off of.
: )

I can't wait to see some of what you all came up with. Let's exchange a few pics.

Deb S. said...

Christina: You're a professional photographer. I think your photos would be much better than anything I could produce! I can't wait to see what you come up with!