Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama courts the press

America's new president is coming off a very rough week. Barack Obama returns to campaign mode this week - with carefully chosen stops and a prime-time press conference. His challenge is to recapture the magic of his campaign for reasons his effort to govern a nation during turbulent times.

To no surprise, all media outlets are scrutinizing Obama, looking for public relations and political blunders. The media typically gives a new president some space during his first 100 days, but that hasn't happened with Obama. Mainstream media and bloggers write voluminously about the lack of strong leadership. Many ask what happened to that powerful engine of change.

The Obama administration, attempting to stay focused while facing the fire, rolled out full media blitz, as ABC News senior political reporter Rick Klein writes. According to Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, the campaign includes the bully pulpit, social networking, [and] phone banks.

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Dr. Deb said...

I thought he did very well last night.

Il Blog | Attualità | Psicologia said...

Sure, sometimes we are somewhat like our parents. Our love for children is the most important thing ...

Thanks for your comment
Greets from Italy
Il Blog | Attualità | Psicologia

Ian Lidster said...

I think he aroused great hopes in everyone and now people are expecting him to lead them to the promised land posthaste. He is but a man, and I continue to see him toiling as a man with a mess he did not create. To seek instant salvation from any human being is nonsensical and self-indulgent.We truly are spoiled brats with a poor grip on reality.
Just let the man get on with the job and give him support in his quest.

Deb S. said...

Dr. Deb: From a performance standpoint, I think he did well, too.

Francesco: Thanks for stopping.

Ian: When it comes to Mr. Obama, there's never a dull moment. You have a way of summing up things quite eloquently. Your last sentence says it all.