Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Google adds print magazine rack to its search engine

Internet giant archives old publications

As part of its quest to corral more content published on paper, Google Inc. has made digital copies of more than 1 million articles from magazines that hit the newsstands decades ago.

For now, the old magazine articles can be found only through Google's search service for finding digital copies of books. But the company plans to eventually include magazine articles in its general search results.

Users who want to restrict the scope of their inquiries to magazines can choose that option through the book search's "advanced" function.

Dozens of magazine publishers have agreed to let Google index their archives. The incentive: Google will link to the Web site of a participating magazine publisher and share some of the revenue that is expected to be generated from ads shown alongside the old articles.

The list of old magazines already available through Google include past issues of New York Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science and Ebony.

More info: Google Blog

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Ian Lidster said...

Deb, you are such a gem (but I already knew that) for pointing out such intriguing tidbits. Must check this out.

Rose said...

Wow! Google is trying to take over the world! (LOL) Hi Deb

Deb S. said...

Ian: I started browsing through old issues of New York. It didn't take long for me to find a cover with this blazing headline: Disposable Executives: Recession, New York Style. The year: 1970.

Rose: A couple of years ago, a lot of people thought that Google should stick with its dominance in the search engine area. Some of its products met with lukewarm reception, but getting into the print game seems to be a winner for the Internet giant.

BTW, HI to you, Rose! I hope you and yours are staying warm!