Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tips for successful TV interviews

How to improve your nonverbal skills

If you grant television interviews, you're automatically going to think about what you plan to say. But what you don't say can be equally as important. Make sure your nonverbal performance is as good as your verbal skills. Generally speaking, nonverbal performance can be described as all the gestures, expressions and postures that are used in the process of communication. So what does this mean? Here are some do's and don'ts:


- Sit up straight
- Make good eye contact with the reporter
- Keep your eyebrows up and smile when appropriate
- Lean forward
- Keep your hands folded on your lap or on the arm of your chair when not talking
- Pay attention to the person who is talking (mentally and visually).


- Fold your arms
- Make fists
- Dig your fingers into arms of chair
- Pick your cuticles
- Tap your fingers
- Fiddle nervously with pencils or other objects
- Slouch
- Swivel back and forth in a swivel chair
- Touch or play with the microphone

According to psychologist Marco Pacori, "gestures and speech are inseparable." This is true with TV interviews, as well as with other forms of public speaking. Remember these tips, and you'll look confident in front of the camera.

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Shirazi said...

That is coming from a expert. Thanks for this.

Georganna Hancock said...

What useful advice, especially for writers who've published books and are hitting the media circus, er, I mean circuit. Seriously, I saw a question on the BookSigners group at Yahoo from a woman about to be interviewed on T.V., wanting to know about the best appearance (clothing, colors, jewelry, makeup.) Maybe you could comment in another post about those aspects?

Deb S. said...

Shi: You are much too kind. If anyone is the expert, it is you.

Georganna: I'm glad you think the advice is useful. I'll be happy to write a future post on appearance. Thanks for the idea!