Thursday, August 03, 2006

New program allows online book browsing

HarperCollins steps up Internet presence

Book publisher HarperCollins said Thursday it was launching a feature on its site called "Browse Inside," which would allow visitors to peer inside the works of some of its most notable authors. The company initially announced last year that it planned to digitize its catalog of books.

Like's "Search Inside!" or Google's Book's search program, HarperCollins'’s initiative allows readers to replicate in cyberspace the experience of going to a bookstore and flipping through a few pages before buying a book. By controlling the digitization, HarperCollins would also control how the books are is distributed.

Some of the publisher's most prominent authors will be digitized. By next year, HarperCollins expects to have nearly all of its titles available through the service.

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Shirazi said...

Good news for book lovers. Shall lookforward to reading my fav romances online.

Deb S. said...

Shirazi: Your "fav romances"? I'm always learning something new about you, my friend. ;-)

Shirazi said...

Hana, I am very fond of reading romances (and other fiction including thrillers). Always have been. "The Second Lady." you remeber is my all time fav followed by Love Story and followed by score of others. Reading romantic novels have helped me learn the language (English).

Alina said...

Would still prefer the bookstore experience any day! The smell, the touch of new books, seing other people skiming through new books, that cannot be replaced by the online services for any real book lover!