Friday, February 17, 2006

Philippine landslide buries homes, school

Rescue operations mobilized

A mudslide has buried hundreds of homes and an elementary school packed with children in the eastern Philippines, officials said. At last report, Philippine Red Cross officials estimated that at least 300 people are dead and another 1,500 are missing. Initial reports confirmed that four bodies had been recovered and that 24 were injured. The higher numbers are losses feared from a village in southern Leyte Island.

This morning, the landslide raced down a mountainside on the island, burying 500 houses in Guinsahugon village in St. Bernard town. The elementary school was in session when the mudslide struck.

The tragedy follows two weeks of nonstop rains. Details from BBC News.

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jazeGma2 said...

When I read this my heart really goes out to all of the people that have experience so much disaster. It really touches your heart because of the children that are impacted by such disasters.