Monday, December 19, 2005

Offbeat news

Headlines you might have missed

Mystery Donor Gives Gold Teeth to Salvation Army (Associated Press)
The Salvation Army has often found some odd items in its famous red kettles. But gold teeth?

Party Hostess' Task: 39 Christmas Trees Inside Home (Associated Press)
Catherine Wasson has one Christmas tree with blown glass ornaments and another featuring an Old World theme. A third has homemade ornaments. A fourth, granny squares. But that's just the start. Wasson has 39 lighted Christmas trees displayed in her home.

Web Sites Let People Send Selves E-Mail in Future (Associated Press)
FutureMe is one of a handful of Web sites that let people send e-mails to themselves and others for delivery years in the future.

Barbarism Begins with Barbie, the Doll Children Love to Hate
(The Times of London)
Barbie, that plastic icon of girlhood fantasy play, is routinely tortured by children, research has found.

Couple Finds Stoned Owl in Christmas Tree (
A couple purchased a Christmas tree and had it in the house for five days before decorating it. That's when the couple discovered a tiny screech owl in the tree.

With thanks to The Times of London, and The Associated Press.

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Malik said...

I'm not sure why, but the idea of little children all over the nation torturing their Barbie dolls to death gives me a charge. I guess 'cause it's kind of like a children's revolutionary movement. I LIKE it!

Rise up little children!

Deb S. said...

Malik: LOL!!! I'm crying! You are so funny. "Rise up, little children!" LOL

BTW, thanks to your comment, I've just learned that my daughter tried microwaving her Barbies when she was little. Perhaps my little revolutionary should join your family!

Malik said...

Hey, she's more than welcome, I like her spirit.