Saturday, October 08, 2005

World's smallest film festival

Event celebrates mobile phone movies

Europe's first film festival for movies shot with mobile telephones opened this weekend in Paris. Short films from the festival, including animations, sketches and mini-documentaries, can be viewed on both cheaper Java phones and high-end smart phones, allowing more accessibility for consumers and opening up a larger market to the festival’s unique content. Details from BBC News.

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defiant goddess said...

I have really got to start making progress on my films. It's just too easy nowadays.

Off-topic: I *love* public relations and media relations. I worked in that field for a couple of years and I'm planning to join the national association just as soon as I take care of a few other things first.

Deb S. said...

Goddess, I also would like to get more involved in films. I'll follow your lead. :-)

I think you would make a great asset for any national media or public relations association.

For me, it's been a balancing act trying to pursue a career in an industry that never seems to have down time. At the same time, I was raising a family. My children were born to a parent that worked irregular hours - evenings, weekends, holidays. In the course of my work week, I talk to media and PR types every day, so there is never a dull moment.

Ah, the trials of pursuing a balanced life. When I achieve balance, I'll let you know.
Hopefully, you are better at it than I!