Saturday, October 08, 2005

Missouri News: Politicians take note of bloggers

Blogs exerting force in regional politics

The state auditor's personal Wal-Mart investments. The governor's eating habits. The credentials of political hopefuls. Missouri bloggers are increasing in number and getting bolder in their commentaries. Jo Mannies of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch examines the bloggers' growing presence.

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Rose said...

At first read I felt great...then I started thinking can something like political blogs hurt us in anyway...what if they try to determine people poitical views on a certain subject and it backfires? Just a thought....

Deb S. said...

Rose, there are so many political blogs out there that it is very possible that bloggers could tip the scales on a certain issue. But remember this: Historically, mainstream journalism also has been very influential in some of its coverage. As I see it, the only difference is that technology has upped the ante. If you read Mannies' article, many politicians in the region say they definitely keep their eyes on blogs.

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