Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Skywatchers, unite!

Earthlings to get a better view of the Mars spectacular

On Sunday, October 30, the Red Planet will be 69.4 million kilometers (43.1 million miles) from Earth -- a distance that in galactic terms is less than wafer-thin and will not be equaled until 2018.

Skywatchers are rubbing their hands at the opportunity. The last time Mars swung so close to Earth, Hindu seers foretold of war, European astrologers predicted love and Germany reported a rash in UFO sightings. AFP/Yahoo and NASA tell the complete story.

(Perhaps we should have the X-Files team on hand, just in case some UFOs decide to make an appearance. Where is Mulder, anyway?)

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Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Can't wait to see this. We have the telescope out and ready to go. I hope my neighbors realize we are watching the sky and not them!!!


DCS said...

How cool! A telescope! Enjoy the view. I laughed out loud at the comment about your neighbors. :-)

Shirazi said...

Dr. Deb, that means "they" were watching you. No?

AsianSmiles said...

Ever wondered if there is anybody IN Mars saying the same thing?

lols. Forgive me Sis, I'm having a halloweird fever!

Shirazi said...

AsianSmiles, there must be people on Mars, but I think Men only ;-)

Deb S. said...

AsianSmiles, don't apologize. I wonder if the people on Mars are watching us, too. It would be only fair if they did. :-)

Shirazi, "Men on Mars." I like that idea. So where do I buy that shuttle ticket?? I think Mars needs some diversity. :-)

Rose said...

Shirazi you are too funny. Especially about the neighbors watching Deb>

Alina said...

I still wait for the day when that distance will mean a three-days cruise for a nice little vacation. I hope I'm still alive then!

Deb S. said...

Rose, I have an idea for a post on Shirazi's site: "Men on Mars." LOL

Kayla, I am with you on that three-day vacation!