Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Microsoft joins Yahoo on digital library alliance

Internet giants continue competition and collaboration

Microsoft has joined a Yahoo-backed effort to digitize the world's books and other works to make them searchable and accessible to anyone online. The software giant said it would work with the Open Content Alliance (OCA), set up by the Internet Archive, to initially put 150,000 works online.

Microsoft says its approach aims to avoid the legal tussles met by rival Google Inc. Microsoft says it will sidestep hot-button copyright issues for now by initially focusing mainly on books, academic materials and other publications that are in the public domain. The OCA, unveiled earlier this month by a group of digital archivists and backed by Yahoo, H-P and Adobe, says it has also signed up Microsoft Corp. and more than a dozen major libraries in North America, Britain and Europe. More from Reuters and BBC News.

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