Sunday, April 06, 2014

Muay Thai Training in 'Amazing Thailand'

I often think about the two years I spent teaching in Asia. It was a life-changing experience. I enjoy celebrating ethnic and social differences. I found the Thai culture to be especially intriguing. The people I met were simply beautiful spirits.

Recently, I did some research on "Amazing Thailand and learned that the country is known for muay Thai boxing, also known as Thai kick boxing. People from all over the globe go to Phuket Island to train for this contact sport. Beginners can sign up at the Suwit muay Thai training gym to get started. Professionals who want to maintain their skills can also be found at the gym. Many muay Thai enthusiasts add the sport to their personal weight loss program.   Still others take up the training for self-defense.

 Men, women, and children participate in the sport. If you're like me and completely new to muay Thai, you can find a number of YouTube videos that will bring you up to speed. To get the most out of Suwit muay Thai, ask about the training packages.

The sport isn’t the only thing to explore in Thailand. Check out Phuket Island. It’s the country’s largest island and is known as the “Pearl of the South.” Its balmy weather, white sandy beaches, majestic mountains, and lush landscape make it an ideal tourist attraction. The isle also happens to be THE place to go for anything related to Thai kick boxing.

 Phuket Island is about the size of Singapore. Thai, Chinese, English, and local dialects are spoken. Over time, immigrants from several Asian countries have settled on island. As a result, the island offers visitors unique and colorful cultural experiences. When it comes to leisure, there are plenty of choices. The island a great place to relax after an invigorating session of muay Thai.

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