Saturday, May 18, 2013

Exploring the final frontier

If you're a science fiction fan like I am, and a lover of all things Star Trek, listen up.  We may reach the final frontier sooner than you think.  In our lifetime, we might see the implementation of several futuristic technologies showcased in sci-fi films and TV series.  For example:
  • We earthlings already enjoy handheld communicators.  We call them smartphones.
  • Voice-driven computers, complete with smart and sassy attitudes, have invaded our world. Just ask Siri.
  • Geordi La Forge might be quite willing to explore the latest in vision gadgets, Google Glass.
That's just for starters. reports that scientists are making significant headway into perfecting technologies such as warp drives, teleporters, and phasers.  You may not have to wait until the 23rd century to see them in action.  Join InfoWorld as they "boldly go on a tour of 'Trek' tech." 

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