Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Birthday wishes to a blogging guru

April 5 is SAJ Shirazi's birthday.  I've crowned him "King for the Day."  If you're new to the blogging, you may wonder why I'm singling him out.
Shirazi is one of the most talented online writers in the blogosphere. 

He publishes several sites, including his cornerstone blog, Light Within, and  He's the go-to expert on all things about blogging. Shi, as I fondly call him, has taught me a great deal on blogging best practices.  Little did I know when we discovered his site about seven years ago that we'd become great online friends. 

Through Shirazi, I have met other outstanding bloggers.Over the years, Shirazi has developed a strong online presence.  Even so, he's a pretty humble guy.  He's caring, resourceful, and incredibly smart.  

Everyone likes a good celebration, even Shi.  Pay a visit to his site and get this party started!

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Sajini Chandrasekera said...

The most beautiful post....To some one like javed , every day should be a celebration . He is the best blogging teacher on earth and a wonderful human i know.
May you be happy all your life..lots of blessings and love to you .