Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two screens, one social life

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG DoublePlay™. All opinions are 100% mine.


I'm on the hunt for a new smartphone. Something that functional, capable of multitasking, and something with a little "heft" to it. While a touch screen isn't necessary, it would be nice to have it.  I just made an interesting find that's worth checking out -- the LG DoublePlay™.  This device, which is available exclusively by T-Mobile, includes:


  • TWO touch screens you can customize
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Pullout keyboard with large keys
  • Wi-fi calling
  • 5-megapixel camera with LED flash
  • 720p HD video recorder
  • Phone weight of 6.7 oz.
  • Affordability
  • 3.5-inch display

The second touch screen is designed to let you do two things at once -- surf the Web and send a text message, for instance. This touch screen is in the middle of the keyboard, something I've never seen before. It might take a little getting used to, but I'm certainly willing to try an Android that will make me work faster and smarter.

The Gingerbread, meanwhile, makes it possible for users to customize seven home screens and up to nine touchscreen shortcuts. One-touch navigation makes it easy.

Some people may complain about the weight of the phone, but I'm a little tough on wireless devices, so the weight is a plus for me. The high-quality camera and video recorder allow you to capture and share pictures and videos via messaging, email or social media (such as Facebook). When combining business and personal use, I easily spend five or more hours on social media sites each month. If you count blogging, it's more. A phone built for speed would be an asset to folks heavily involved in social networking.

I'm a mom who stays in touch with her kids via text messaging, so I expect good service delivery. I send out a few hundred texts messages each month. This wireless device offers several messaging options. This gives users the ability to send and receive messages from PCS and tablets. If you're really social (like my kids), you can also create group chats on the go. This phone seems to be built for speed, so I'd definitely check out how quickly (and efficiently) it delivers content.

All smartphones are not alike, so be sure to examine the specs on the LG DoublePlay™. In a recent review, Nicole Lee of expressed concern for the pullout keyboard.

"The LG Doubleplay's quirky dual screen and split keyboard design is a little too strange for us," she wrote. "It's a hefty and bulky handset, and has poor battery life."

Still, for Lee, the bottom line is this: "The LG Doubleplay has excellent features for a midrange Android smartphone, but its bizarre design is not for everyone."

Based on what I've read and seen, the LG DoublePlay™ is at least worthy of a test drive. Check it out for yourself.

Now it's your turn. I'm interested in how you use smartphones.

1. How many hours do you spend texting or social networking on your phone?

2. How would the LG DoublePlay change the way you text or interact with social media?

Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section.

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