Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Online sites tout discount beauty products

About a year ago, a close relative (a recent college graduate) started posting wig reviews. They were fascinating to watch. Frankly, I had no idea that young adults would have any interest in wigs. Being the curious sort, I checked YouTube to see if any other young women wore wigs. I found hundreds of reviews posted.

Storefront beauty supply stores have been around for years. However, more and more women are turning to online sites for discount beauty products. This is particularly true in the African-American community, where women may spend a great deal of time and money achieving stylish and unique hairstyles. That said, women of many cultures choose extensions (weave) to achieve their "perfect look." Others may choose a human hair half wig. This style has become popular because, when blended with your own hair, it offers a natural look. The same is true of lace front products.

Extensions and wigs also are used extensively in the broadcast news and entertainment industries. One of the things I observed while working in television news is that women viewers pay A LOT of attention to the hairstyles of female anchors. Only God knows how many calls I took from female viewers voicing their approval or dislike for the anchor's hair.

Some callers accused one particular anchor of changing her hair color too often. Meanwhile, fans of this same anchor would ask who did her hair. Because of the pressure to look perfect on camera, I am sure that a few female anchors purchase human or synthetic hair to help maintain a polished look.

Professional women in most industries often feel the need to augment their looks. Today's wigs are much more stylish and lighter than those of a decade ago. Hair accessories also reflect current fashion trends.

Using weave or the human hair half wig is not the only solution for women who want to have beautiful hair. Women of all socioeconomic levels seek hair products that will give their natural hair a shiny luster and beautiful length. Good shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products can be pricey. Ordering these products from an online beauty supply site might save you big bucks.

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