Friday, September 30, 2011

Facebook and the ultimate makeover

The only thing that seems to be constant about Facebook is change. My son, the IT guy, posted this update a recently:

Hey folks, just a forewarning. Facebook is about to undergo a HUGE makeover. No, I'm not talking about bogus charging rumors (though they will sell apps, music, etc.) But take a look here to see how your Facebook profiles will change in a few weeks. I'm just bracing people for the inevitable. This is a link to an official Facebook page showing off the upcoming features. No virus, no spam, no forward, just an FYI.

I checked out the official Facebook video on the subject. I then visited the social giant's blog post for additional details. Facebook makes reference to "the evolution of your profile" and "filling in the blanks." The headline to the post -- "Tell Your Story with Timeline."

It appears that FB encourages you to tell your life's story. For me, all this sharing is TMI (too much information). Of course, you can still control how much information you'll share. I guess I should have seen the writing on the wall when I noticed that FB profiles now prompt you for your blood type. I don't need to know everything about my online buddies, and I doubt that they'd want to know every minute detail about me.

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