Monday, August 23, 2010

The last word?

My favorite four-year old has been befriending little girls at his preschool, and his mother is annoyed. She's on record for saying, "Those floozies had better stay away from my son." The little charmer thinks he's just being sociable.

Recently, Mother told one of her friends about the "problem." The little charmer overhears. He tells Mom that he can have girlfriends because his uncles have girlfriends.

Mom says, "Your uncles are older. They can have girlfriends, but you can't."

The little one refused to be put off. His response: "Mine would be little ones, DUH!"


Shiela said...

Now, that's a brilliant charmer=)

EXSENO said...

Ah, that's cute.

Shirazi said...

Let him. Please let him.

Deb Sistrunk said...

Shiela, EXSENO, and Shi: There are never any dull moments with my favorite four-year old. He obviously thinks a lot. Even as an infant, he was very observant.

To no surprise, he learned to talk early. Sometimes his mother looks at him and says, "Who ARE you??" :-)

Rose said...

This is so cute Deb!