Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New York Movers

My husband and I are alike in many ways, but when it comes to moving, we are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Before we married, he moved a gazillion times as he carved out his career. I, on the other hand, stayed in the same home for more than 10 years at a time. I simply hate moving.

HireAHelper probably had people like me in mind when they set up their website. This Internet service provider connects day laborers and service companies with people who need to get work done. HireAHelper has attracted over 4,000 registered helpers nationwide since 2007. This moving company offers services across the U.S. In the Big Apple, they're the New York movers. The service is easy to use.

1. To search for moving helpers, start by entering your zip code on the site.

2. Read reviews about each helper and decide who fits your specific needs.

3. Compare prices. Find the fee that fits your budget.

4. Book online and save. You’re likely to save a few hundred dollars. Full-service New York moving companies tend to be pricey. If you rent your own truck and hire the movers, you could save a couple of hundred bucks.

It’s simple to get started. Enter your zip code and the date you plan to move at the top of the home page. The website will walk you through the rest. If you need someone to help clean your home before you move, HireAHelper can assist there, too. Welcome to stress-free moving.

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