Sunday, November 29, 2009

HughesNet Satellite Internet

I can see it clearly, as if it were yesterday – my family and I struggling with dial-up. Thank goodness, I made the decision to ditch dial-up Internet in favor of high-speed broadband. Going back to slow connections now would be a nightmare.

Since writing, media, and technology are my business, I need the capability to work fast. Deadlines and I are close personal friends.

Gone are the days when I would lose a connection when I was right in the middle of a project. Also gone are the days when I waited forever to download a file. With high-speed connections, I can work smart and increase my productivity.

HughesNet Satellite Internet offers the latest in broadband technology – high-speed features for those of us who make our living on the World Wide Web. But don’t think for one minute that satellite Internet is just for business. Gamers and those of us who watch videos online also need the fast capabilities that HughesNet offers. With satellite broadband, you can work hard and play hard.

For years, rural areas have been on the short end of the stick when it comes to cable or DSL. Take North Carolina, for instance. In the rural areas, reliable cable or DSL just wasn’t available.

However, North Carolina Satellite Internet has changed all that. People living outside of the metropolitan areas can now access high-speed connections. To get the hook-up, all is takes is a quick phone call. It's simple to sign online and stay online, with speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up. Surfing is a breeze.

No more waiting. That’s a promise we all can live with.

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