Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alium matches executive resources to business needs

Managing change is a skill. Managing transformation demands expertise, especially at a time when change has become the norm in so many business environments.

Alium Interim Management is the leading independent provider of high-level interim executives in the UK. When an organization needs a guiding hand to oversee and deliver essential business transformation, Alium’s cadre of senior-level professionals can provide the experience and inspiring leadership required on an interim basis.

Such leadership is effective in a number of scenarios: turning around an organization in decline; delivering a step-change in performance; surging into new markets; comprehensively restructuring an ailing division; guiding businesses through IPOs, mergers or acquisition. Alium serves the private and public sectors with high-level interim executives, operating from its offices in the heart of the City of London.

These management professionals, in addition to their business acumen, bring charisma, courage and composure - characteristics valued by any organization. For details on how the process works, click here.


Ian Lidster said...

Remember the time, Deb, when people just settled in to what they were doing and stayed with it. I, of course, have always put the lie to that pattern, as have you. But, you know what I mean. Sometimes I get tired of all the changes to the paradigm and just want to go off on a long vacation and forget about it all.

Deb S. said...

Ian: Yes, I remember the simpler times. :-)

If you go on a long vacation, I think there are plenty of people who will want to go with you!