Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama wants to hear from you - online

President-elect continues to engage public via technology

People wanting a chance to help shape policy are invited to submit their ideas online. President-elect Barack Obama's transition team shot an email to constituents to introduce the idea portal.

The public's thoughts and ideas will be will be compiled into a Citizen's Briefing Book and delivered to Obama once he takes office Jan. 20. An explanation about the briefing book is posted on

"Your participation is key to our success," said transition and administration aide Valerie Jarrett said in an introductory video.

The online Citizen's Briefing Book feature includes tools that allow visitors to explore a variety of submissions, which they can rate and comment on, with ideas receiving the largest number of comments being included in final book that will be given to Obama.

Social networking continues to hold a place in the Obama administration. Potentially, Web tools could protect Obama from governing in a bubble. By keeping a direct line to public opinion - through discussion forums, blog comments, etc. - the new president could keep a good feel for the issues that most concern them, rather than relying on the media, opinion polls and other filters. A number of ideas are already posted on the site.

The site will be live until the Jan. 20 inauguration. After that, the highest-rated ideas will be prepared and presented to the president.

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Shirazi said...

Amazing ways to take the people along. Greate.

Deb S. said...

Shi: People advocating for health care, education, immigration reform, and other initiatives have flocked to the site. It will be interesting to see the results.

Brea said...

What a terrific idea!