Thursday, January 08, 2009

NY doctor wants estranged wife to return kidney

'Custody' battle could be a first

A Long Island surgeon embroiled in a lengthy divorce proceeding wants his estranged wife to return the kidney he donated to her, although he says he'll settle for $1.5 million in compensation.

Dr. Richard Batista says he decided to go public with his demand for kidney compensation because he has grown frustrated with the negotiations with his estranged wife.

He claimed he has been prevented from seeing their children, ages, 8, 11 and 14, for months at a time.

Attorney specializing in matrimonial law and experts in medical ethics say Batista can forget about getting his kidney back.

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Rose said...

I heard about this. What could have turned this woman against a man who gave her a kidney?

Ian Lidster said...

I am just glad I never gave my ex any vital organs -- just my soul, but only for a while. I snatched that back later.

This is a bizarre story, Deb. It opens up realms of possibilities. Talk about mean.

Deb S. said...

Rose and Ian: I thought I had heard just about everything, but my jaw dropped when I heard this story. The fact that the husband is an M.D. is what really makes this bizarre. As Ian said - "Talk about mean."