Tuesday, November 04, 2008



Rose said...

Change is here for the better. I know it is going to take time and work but at least he is thinking about all people. OBAMA! Historical!

Shirazi said...

Congrats for the change. And I was sad for his Tutu, particularly on this occassion.

Andre said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. I keep waiting for a "Breaking News" alert indicating there was a miscount. j/k.

Congratulations are in order for Obama, the supporters, and the country in general. Though this campaign season brought out some of the worst aspects in people, it also brought out some of the best.

Ian Lidster said...

Hug and kiss to you all. I am happy for you and happy for us, too.

Deb S. said...

Rose, Shi, Andre, and Ian: Thanks for stopping by. It made my day.

Rose: Yep, it's historical! I was so glad to share this experience with my children.

Actually, my children had friends who came over to watch the election results with us. I had a living room full of boys. We had to go out and buy more food! These were big boys with BIG appetites! They inhaled all the food my daughter prepared.

Shi: Thanks so much for your sentiments from the other side of the globe. I am aware that people all over the world, including your own Pakistan, were watching history take place.

As for Obama's "tutu": I also was sad to hear that his grandmother died on the eve of the election. I was hoping that she could hold on. But I am convinced that she watched all the election coverage and celebrations from a wonderful seat in heaven with her husband. She knew her work here was done. What a wonderful foundation she and her husband gave her grandson!

Andre: I know what you mean. I was prepared for it to be a very long night before the election results were final. I was watching the electoral vote count, but I didn’t believe my eyes. Who knew that all those longtime "red" states would become "blue" states? Ohio?? Florida?? Amazing. America spoke - loudly and clearly!

I think John McCain was gave a gracious concession speech, and Mr. Obama accepted the title of President-elect with humility and inclusiveness.

Ian: Gosh, I accept that hug and kiss! It is so good to hear from you! It's nice to have the support of our North American neighbor.

To all: Rose is right. Change has arrived. All Americans will benefit, and President-elect Obama will need the support of everyone. My hope is that we all step up to the plate to make America better.