Sunday, January 03, 2010

Take control of your PR

Public relations (or PR) is called many things - public information, community relations, communications, public affairs. But whatever you call it, its purpose is the same: to foster more effective, two-way communication that helps build relationships and shape attitudes.

Effective media relations - whether it is for promoting publications, services, or products - requires a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary approach. A well-crafted approach incorporates strategic media planning, marketing, community relations and public engagement. When it comes to publications, expert writing and editing, attention to detail, and understanding of deadlines are critical.

Understanding that the media is an audience underlies successful promotional efforts. Webster defines audience as “a group of listeners or spectators: a reading, viewing, or listening public with a vested interest.” For this reason, it is important for you to succinctly convince editors and reporters that they have a vested interest in your product – to inform readers, listeners and viewers why your publication or service is important.

It’s your job to identify what sets your product apart from others. Be media savvy. Develop and nurture relationships with the media, as you would with any other audience. If you work those relationships just right – the payoff is HUGE!

When pitching your book, product or service to news organizations, one size does not fit all. Take time to understand the media culture. Tailor your media pieces to conform to the formats of radio, TV, print and the Internet. Stay ahead of the pack.

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