Sunday, January 13, 2008

Attention-getters for aspiring authors

What you need to know before approaching a publisher

Are you in academia with a dream of writing that first book? Unsure how to get your writings noticed? A noted book editor, Dedi Feldman, offers some great tips, many of which fiction writers also will find valuable.

Via Light Within


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Alina Popescu said...

OMG, she is back! :D

Happy New Year to you too and so great to see you around!

Deb said...

So happy to see you back, Deb!!

Malik said...

Welcome back :D

Deb S. said...

Alina, Dr. Deb, Malik! OMG! :D
It's great to be back and among my blogging buddies. Have a great week.

Ian Lidster said...

Have bookmarked this and know I will find it useful. It's only since you've come back that I fully realize how much I missed you and your wisdom and expertise.
I think I cyber love you.

Deb S. said...

Ian: You make me blush, my friend. You have truly made my day. Now I realize just how much I've missed YOU! I just have to get used to sharing you with many, many female readers. ;-)

Allow me to say this: When it comes to wisdom, expertise, and compelling writing - you're at the top of the blogging game. I am constantly learning things from you and your insightful writing.

I'm glad you find the article useful. I'll be thrilled when your next book is published!