Monday, January 15, 2007

'Dreamgirls,' 'Babel' win top Golden Globes

Jennifer Hudson named best supporting actress

The uplifting musical "Dreamgirls" and the cultural drama "Babel" won the top Golden Globe awards on Monday, making them instant front-runners in Hollywood's Oscar race.

"Dreamgirls," which follows the rise of three women singers and closely resembles the ascendancy of all-girl groups like The Supremes, won three awards. "Dreamgirls" nabbed more honors than any other film. It won trophies for best musical or comedy, as well as best supporting actor and actress for Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson, respectively.

Hudson (pictured above in a scene from "Dreamgirls") plays powerhouse singer Effie White. The former "American Idol'' contestant said she based her role on Florence Ballard, the original lead singer for the Supremes, who was replaced by Diana Ross. In the film, Hudson's character, the overweight and volatile Effie, is forced aside after the group begins to get attention.

"Babel," a story of cultural differences and communication failures across borders, earned only one award but it was a big one - best film drama. It entered the Golden Globes as the most nominated movie with seven.

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Elizabeth said...

Have you seen "Babel"? I didn't see sounded too much like "Crash" which I didn't like (not realistic).

I thought "Dreamgirls" was fun and I thought Eddie Murphy deserved his award. I didn't really think Jennifer Hudson did much acting; what she deserved an award for was her singing.

Deb S. said...

Elizabeth: I have not seen "Babel." Perhaps I will soon.

I loved "Dreamgirls." Yes, Eddie Murphy did deserve his award. He was fabulous!! Clearly, he worked hard to prepare for this role. Most people are just now starting to see that Murphy has a broader range - that he is adept at playing serious roles. I first saw Eddie's talent for drama in a 1986 movie the critics panned, "The Golden Child."

As for Jennifer Hudson, I have to strongly (yet respectfully) disagree with you. Jennifer acted her behind off! When I said she showed a broad range, I meant it!

She demonstrated talent for comedy, charm and pathos (suffering). Her performance for many of us evoked lots of emotion. To me, that's what makes a good actor. Mark my words: Acting will very much be in Jennifer Hudson's future!

The only thing I had to come to terms with in viewing the movie was getting used to the concept that Jennifer's character was supposed to be overweight and not particularly beautiful. Jennifer Hudson is a very beautiful young lady, and I could see this even though she obviously put on weight for this film and wore clothing that played down her looks. To me, she is much sexier than Beyoncé.

Beyoncé is a great entertainer, but acting is not her strong point. But I will say that Beyoncé is arguable the princess of pop/R&B, and she has the "look" that the entertainment industry wants.

I do agree with you that Jennifer deserves an award for her singing. Her vocal performances gave me goose bumps! In the theatre where I saw the movie, we applauded!

By the way, kudos to Bill Condon for writing the screenplay and directing this hit.

In the final analysis, Jennifer Hudson has it goin' on - both as an actor and a singer!

Elizabeth said...

I agree that Hudson is an attractive woman and compared to the average American woman, she is only slightly overweight.

Eddie Murphy should have won an Oscar for his performance in "The Nutty Professor." Even though that was a silly movie, it was still a great performance.

Deb S. said...

Elizabeth: I agree with you 100% about Eddie Murphy. Let's hope he gets an Oscar nomination this year. He deserves it!

shirazi said...

Innocent saltish features ;-)