Monday, July 31, 2006

Offbeat news

Headlines you might have missed

HeadOn Commercial Hits Parody Circuit (USA Today)
  • While lots of advertisers spend big bucks to get people talking about their products, a homeopathic migraine headache remedy called HeadOn has just become a pop culture phenomenon with a simple - and, frankly, bizarre - television ad.

  • Mom Tracks Down Toilet-Tissue Toss Suspects (Associated Press)
  • Teenagers who toilet-papered and damaged a home now face felony vandalism charges because of a mother's extraordinary sleuthing.

  • Feather Shortage Vexes Badminton Players (Associated Press)
  • Among the unsung victims of recent outbreaks of bird flu is the shuttlecock. Chinese geese have been slaughtered by the millions to prevent the spread of the disease, and that has left a shortage of the fine feathers used to make the badminton projectiles.

  • Bottle Rockets Ruffle Chicken's Feathers (Associated Press)
  • A man accused of shooting bottle rockets at another man in a chicken suit was arrested and charged with assault in the second degree and with discharging fireworks in the city limits.

  • Man Hits Hole-in-One on Same Hole 2 Straight Days (Associated Press)
  • An insurance agent playing in a weekend golf tournament followed up his first hole-in-one with another one a day later. On the same hole.

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