Thursday, May 25, 2006

Senate could pass immigration bill on Thursday

Clash with the House expected

A bill that would toughen border security while giving millions of illegal immigrants a chance to earn U.S. citizenship cleared key test votes in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, setting the stage for passage this week and a big battle with the House of Representatives.

The Senate voted 73-25 to limit further debate on the bill as a bipartisan coalition withstood several attempts by opponents to unravel the legislation. Lawmakers now expect the bill to be passed, most likely on Thursday.

Supporters said Wednesday's strong bipartisan test votes should help in negotiations with the House, which has already passed a vastly different enforcement and border security bill and where many Republican lawmakers see the Senate legislation as tantamount to an amnesty for people who violated U.S. laws. Details from the New York Times.

Meanwhile, Mexican President Vicente Fox used the second day of his four-day U.S. trip to highlight support for what he called an "orderly" guest worker program. The Los Angeles Times has more.

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UPDATE: Senate passes immigration bill

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