Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Offbeat news

Headlines you may have missed

Sextuplets Story Was Hoax to Help Pay Bills (Associated Press)
The library books on multiple births crowded the couple's coffee table. The bedroom-turned-nursery awaited the arrival of six newborns. But in the end, authorities say Sarah and Kris Everson never had the sextuplets as claimed. All they had was what appears to be a big lie.

Rescuers Renew Effort to Save Kitten (Associated Press)
Rescuers used drills, miniature cameras and a raw fish to try to lure a kitten that had been trapped for 12 days behind a delicatessen's basement wall.

Movie-Goers Getting Smells to Match Scenes (Associated Press)
A theater audience in Japan will be sniffing their noses - literally - at a new Hollywood adventure film.

Court: Ads Violate Filmmakers' Integrity (Associated Press)
A Swedish appeals court has ruled that a TV station violated the artistic integrity of two filmmakers by interrupting their movies with commercial breaks.

Accused Burglar Takes Cameras, Leaves Tape (Associated Press)
A man accused of burglarizing a laundromat in Elko figured he made a clean escape when he took off with the store's six video surveillance cameras.

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