Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blogging enters a new frontier - for some

Other online publishers prepare to move on

Technorati says it's adding 50,000 Web logs daily to the tracking universe. It now totals 36.5 million sites, the blogosphere is changing. The content and the publishers themselves are undergoing transitions.

Many early bloggers appear to be calling it quits - at least for now. Dave Winer says he'll stop posting before the end of the year. ran a piece by Sarah Hepol in which she announced that, after five years, she's quitting blogging, too. "Blogging wasn't helping me write (a book); it was keeping me from it."

Meanwhile, the term "blog editor" reportedly is popping up in job listings. According to CNN

I blog, you blog, we all blog apparently, judging from the proliferation of blogs in the past two years. The success of influential ones like has companies wanting in on the perceived edginess of the blogosphere.

"Blogging" is not only starting to creep into people's job descriptions, but recruiters are starting to see blog-related job listings.

One on seeks a blog editor "to manage and moderate blogs for clients and to write for the company blog on PR and new media topics."

CNN lists "blog editor" as one of 7 trendy new jobs. Do your career aspirations including blog editing?

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Rose said...

If only someone paid me to blog what a blogging girl I would be...

Deb S. said...

Rose: Make a wish!

Shirazi said...

Rose, I am being paid to blog (in a different way) you know ;-) Every one gets paid, one way or the other, I think.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Interesting how the blog culture is evolving.

Unfortunately, so is my carpal tunnel!

Deb S. said...

Dr. Deb: You're not alone! I'm publishing two blogs, plus I do a lot of keyboarding in the regular course of my day. Other bloggers have told me that their hands, wrists and arms are suffering, too.

BTW, I love your new photo!

Shi: You publish more blogs than any of us, I think, plus you do a lot of other writing. I've never heard you complain about any discomfort. You're amazing!

Cecilia said...

I wonder if I would have more "focused" time that I would be able to devote it to we know, the term "blogging" is not only limited to writing our own but to visiting others' blogs and leaving feedbacks, too!

Then again, getting paid would probably be an incentive, too! :-)

Miranda said...

Good post, I followed you here from the comment path.

Blogging has become a household word. Like checking email.

Like many bloggers, blogging for me is literally part of my day.

Im not sure if thats good or bad. But I do know I find it very theraputic.

Deb S. said...

Cecilia! I was just thinking about you this afternoon - thinking about how I've "neglected" you and my other favorite bloggers because I haven't visited your sites in a while.

You raise some very good points. You're right. Being a good blogger isn't just about writing. It's about cultivating and maintaining relationships, too (leaving comments, etc.).

Since I've gotten involved in blogging, I've been wondering if my time management skills could use some fine-tuning.

As for money - that certainly would be an incentive I'd consider! :-)

About blogging itself: You and I have discussed balance before. It's a challenge. Once of the reasons I love visiting your site is that I feel that it's a safe haven for my mind.

Even when you're "traveling at the speed of light" in your own professional life - and you write about it - your blogging buddies can gather around you and empathize. And then we gush once again about what a great writer you are - how you are so adept in capturing life and emotions in succinct, precise words.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by.

Deb S. said...

Miranda: Your comment about blogging becoming like "checking email" is so true for many bloggers.

I just checked out your blog. I like your style. Count on me to visit often. Thanks for stopping by.

dragonflyfilly said...

wow, i'm needing a new line of work...i could do that, manage and moderate blogs, in fact, they were asking for moderaters on the bald eagle cam forum (by the way, have you seen it?)

..anyway, i have learned a lot since blogging, for instance i figured out how to insert the Creative Commons Liscense thingy into the template of my blog...took me a few tries and a bit if courage, but i did it and feel quite accomplished...i have mastered quite a few technically challenging computer related things, with the help of fellow-bloggers and also the people at Blogspot (obviously not english grammar) since blogging, and will use my blog comments to start my book...yeah yeah yeah, i will believe that when i see it, she mutters to herself)...

i have Polymyalgia Rheumatica arthritis, and cannot sit for long periods of time. my left wrist was extremely painful today, BUT, since being diagnosed, i purchase an ergonomic keyboard, and it makes all the difference in the i highly recommend the "curved" style keyboard, even for people who are not having pain!

very interesting post, thanks,
cheers for now,

Abrar said...

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Deb S. said...

Abrar: You never cease to amaze me. :-)
I'd love to hear the results!

Deb S. said...

Dragonflyfilly: Congrats with your blogging achievements! And thanks for great tip on the ergonomic keyboard.