Sunday, March 12, 2006

Offbeat news

Headlines you may have missed

Churchill Sculpture Sparks Uproar (BBC News)
A mental health charity has defended a statue it commissioned of Sir Winston Churchill in a straitjacket.

Woman Sells Ad Rights to Pregnancy on eBay (Associated Press)
If the human body is the last frontier for advertising space, then St. Louis resident Asia Francis is helping chart new territory — the big, pregnant belly.

Man Wins 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' Contest (Associated Press)
It all came down to this: Jason Wood threw a "rock," crushing Erin Smith's "scissors" and earning him a trip to Las Vegas.

Firefighters Refuse to Help Non-Member (Associated Press)
Rural firefighters stood by and watched a fire destroy a garage and a vehicle because the property owner had not paid membership dues.

Lawmaker Deflates Tire on Car in His Space (Associated Press)
A north Alabama legislator thinks he has found a way to deter someone from taking his reserved parking space outside the Alabama Statehouse — deflate the culprit's tires.

With thanks to The Associated Press and BBC News.

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