Sunday, February 12, 2006

Offbeat news

Headlines you may have missed

Man Rolls His Pickup, Girlfriend's SUV on Same Day
(Associated Press)
A New York man is charged in a couple of auto wrecks that have landed him in the hospital.

Valentine's a Crisis Day for Cheaters
(The Wall Street Journal)
Valentine's Day is the biggest single 24-hour period for florists, a huge event for greeting-card companies and a boon for candy makers. But it's also a major crisis day for anyone who is having an affair.

Woman Whistles Through Her Toes
(Associated Press)
One Oklahoma woman might get cold feet if she comes to New York and tries to hail a cab. But Betty Bell will have to do just that if she's going to whistle.

Burglar Eats, Watches TV and Checks E-Mail
(Associated Press)
Authorities are seeking a burglar who allegedly took the time to make coffee, cook and eat meals, take showers, pick out a change of clothes, watch television and check his e-mail while inside three rural homes.

Oops! - Bush Unaware Mikes Were Still On
(Associated Press)
The president apparently believed he was speaking privately when he talked about listening in without a warrant on domestic communications with suspected al-Qaida terrorists overseas. But reporters were the ones doing the listening in this time.

With thanks to The Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal.

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Abrar said...

Thanks for the interesting link about valentine, i have made a posting on my blog in regards to it!! you may find it funny!!

jazeGma2 said...

The Burglar Eats, Watches TV and Checks E-Mail took the grand prize on this one for me. That's what you call a bold burglar.