Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Microsoft unveils blog policy

Company responds to critics

Microsoft Corp. outlined a policy for handling government restrictions on personal Web sites, as large U.S. companies such as Microsoft, Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. grapple with government censorship as they expand into China and other countries. Microsoft continues to get criticism for taking down the blog of outspoken an Chinese journalist. On Tuesday the Internet giant revealed its policy for accessing content on its blogging service MSN Spaces. Under the new rules, Microsoft will remove access to blog content only when it receives a government-issued, legally binding notice indicating that the material violates local laws.

In addition, Microsoft is calling for an international dialogue to establish a set of principles for Internet companies with blogging services in different regions of the world. More from the Seattle Times.

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defiant goddess said...

Hmm. Very interesting.

Alina said...

At least it's a start...A long way to go though from here!