Thursday, February 09, 2006

FEMA's shortcomings revealed before Katrina disaster

Managerial and communications weaknesses cited

Unclear lines of communication within the agency. An absence of top-level emergency management expertise. Low morale. Lack of manpower, training and money.

These are the findings of an independent study of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The study was conducted in 2005 before Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. As CNN reports, the report identified FEMA's managerial and logistical weaknesses months before its heavily criticized response to Katrina.

Meanwhile, former disaster agency chief Michael Brown is indicating he is ready to reveal his correspondence with President Bush and other officials during Hurricane Katrina unless the White House forbids it and offers legal support. Brown's stance, in a letter obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, follows senators' complaints that the White House is refusing to answer questions or release documents about advice given to Bush concerning the Aug. 29 storm.

Brown quit as director of the FEMA days after Katrina struck. He left the federal payroll Nov. 2.

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jazeGma2 said...

Michael Brown's correspondence can't wait to find out what and how much he is going to reveal.

This will be interesting.

DCS said...

Jazegma2: Yes, it will be interesting.