Thursday, December 01, 2005

Climbing the corporate ladder

Can women get to the top in stiletto heels and a short skirt?

Today AsianSmiles features an interesting post on her blog. It's titled "Sexy Attire Works Against Businesswomen." In her post, AsianSmiles cites research that examines perceptions of clothing worn by professional women at the office. A recent study takes a look at businesswomen who wear sexy garments and those who don more conservative wear. For details, click here. Then decide for yourself if the study is valid.

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Shirazi said...

I have my own theory, research on the subject notwithstanding. Whenever a women gets near the top of the pyramid and into power, she changes. Her style and dress habits that define the sexiness (or lack of) changes. On the other hand, power itself is, let me use the expression, sexy. It is to me. Do I make my point?

Let it not be unsaid that talent does not need to be presented in a particular way. If you have that, it shows. No?

Deb S. said...

I think so, Shirazi. I'd like to hear more about the changes. Could you give an example?

AsianSmiles said...

Hey Sis! Thanks a lot the link to my blog! :)

I think putting dignity on how we dress helps a lot, be it on the streets or in the corporate office or even at home. The way we present ourselves to whomever (even in front of the mirror) says a lot about the way we value ourselves.


Deb S. said...

AsianSmiles, I agree 100%. Yours is a very informative post. Have a wonderful weekend.