Monday, December 19, 2005

Brainy babies, or the next generation of couch potatoes?

Educational value of toddler tech toys questioned

Many videogames, computer-software titles and DVDs advertised as "educational" for infants and toddlers, have not been proven to increase either the IQ or cognitive abilities of preschool children. That's the conclusion of a new study funded by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Glenn Lovell writes that these games and DVDs may be "less effective in educating very young children" than what they are replacing: one-on-one time with parents. Lovell explores the issue in the San Jose Mercury News.

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Trucker Bob said...

May be a bit off topic, but how many times I've heard, oh grandpa, I just showed you that!

Cute picture.

Alina said...

This might be true. After all, maybe there should be a minimum age for computers. Sure, they can help, but they can also do some damage, if not well supervised. I think "educational" shouldn't be such an easy to use label! It should need some type of professional recognition.

Deb S. said...

Bob, the kids and I expect you to turn in your PowerPoint and podcasting assignments tomorrow. ;-)

Kayla, I agree with you 100%.