Monday, November 14, 2005

Tagged by Dr. Deborah Serani

Ten things I recently learned about myself

1. I enjoy blogging.
2. I prefer the company of like-minded, positive people.
3. I don't miss sugar.
4. Every once in a while, I must have chocolate cake (baked with Splenda).
5. I need more time alone to recharge.
6. I need to make time for more recreational reading.
7. I am in the process of reinventing myself again.
8. For me, friendship knows no geographical boundaries.
9. I have the ability to write that book.
10. I always want God to be the center of my life.


Hasan Mubarak said...

"I prefer the company of like-minded, positive people."

We both have the same blogging template. Aren't we like-minded?? *winks*

Shirazi said...

# 9, absolutely.

Deb S. said...

Hasan: Yes, we are very like-minded. Maybe that's why I like to visit your site so much. ;-)

Shirazi: You are very kind. Thank you.

Alina said...

I have the ability to write that paper!!!:D By the way, now would be a good time to invite you to be part of my reaserch for a paper on bloggers and blogging! It it my final paper before graduating (Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences). I hope you are interested!

Deb S. said...

Kayla, about the paper: LOL! I know you'd do a great job. :-)

About your research: I'll contact you to see what you need. Let us know your graduation date. We'll all show up to party with you!

Trucker Bob said...

#1-It's beginning to show! ;-)

Deb S. said...

You know what, Bob? I'm about to truck over to your site and have a few words with you! ;-)

Ms. Vickie said...

Have you heard the old saying you've come along way babe? You have with your blogging....#1 shows more everyday and I do believe you are doing much better on #6 as I see you over at Bob's place often. A good place for some recretional reading and great friendship.

Alina said...

I am afraid our graduation parties are nothing like yours :( But never mind that! I am graduating half year later as half of my group (we were all too busy working to actually get it done in time, or all to lazy), so I guess we will have our own private party to invite you to!

Deb S. said...

Ms. Vickie, coming from you, that is a great compliment. I have always admired you.

Kayla, to tell the truth, I was much too conservative to be a party girl when I was at the university. A small group with chip and dip - and lots of fun - sounds good to me. :-)
By the way, you're not graduating late. You're graduating right on time.

P.S. to Kayla: Now that I'm a little older, it would be nice if you included Kanye West's "Gold Digger" as part of the party music. I'm a little less conservative now. If my kids read this, they'll die! LOL

Alina said...

Yeah, actually I did graduate...I'm just not licensed yet! :D Ok, any type of music you like at the party, no problem!

Deb S. said...

Kayla, my bad. Congrats on your graduation!!